Monday, August 17, 2009

I Am an ID10T

In case you've never seen it before, "ID10T" is geek-speak for "idiot." Look at it again: ID10T. See it now? It's commonly referred to, in the context of an inside joke, as a type of computer (user) error, as in, "Yeah, that poor sap's computer has an ID10T error."

Anyway, last Friday I borrowed a CD from my dad, "Wishful Thinking," by jazz-guitarist Earl Klugh. He played it a lot when I was growing up, and now that I'm in my 30's I'm starting to appreciate some of the "crap" forced on me during those formative years. So I got the CD home and ripped it to my iTunes library with the intent of then storing it on both my 3rd generation iPod and my iPhone 3G. This morning I plugged in both my iPod and iPhone and promptly went to the "Music" tab under each device's info panels, where I checked the box next to the "Earl Klugh: Wishful Thinking" playlist I had created. Both devices finished synchronizing and I went about the rest of my morning routine. When I got in my car to make a Target/lunch run on my lunch break I plugged the cassette adapter into my iPhone's headphone port and started looking for the Earl Klugh playlist... nothing. I thought that maybe since I had checked that playlist while iTunes was backing up my iPhone that maybe the change in settings had not been applied. So when I got back to my desk at work I started scrolling through the playlists on my iPod... NOTHING?! Then it hit me...

After creating the playlist I had forgotten to actually drag the songs into it. So I had created an empty playlist and iTunes, in its infinite wisdom, had looked at it and said, "Seriously? Why bother?"

I blame it on an ID10T error.
Just in case anybody still checks in on this blog, I thought I should point out that I decided not to abandon Blogger/Blogspot for I just realized I never actually posted that, even though it took me less than a week to decide that did not have all the features I wanted and was currently enjoying here. So yeah, ix-nay on the ove-may!