Sunday, November 16, 2003

I'm connected to the world again! I finally have a cell phone again, after more than two months without one. I decided to go with Virgin Mobile, which is strictly pay-as-you-go. No contracts or monthly fees. You add money to your account as you need it. You just have to add $20 every 90 days. Not a bad deal if you don't use your phone a lot. If I end up using it a lot I'll probably switch to one of the "regular" companies and hopefully find a deal for a free phone from It's a cool phone, though. It has a built-in flashlight, which comes in handy for making midnight fridge raids without turning on the kitchen floodlights and waking up half the neighborhood. It also has polyphonic ringtones...still electronic sounding as opposed to sounding like actual musical instruments, but cool tunes still. I'm surprised, actually, that nobody has developed a cell phone that plays mp3's as ringtones. Soon, maybe?

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