Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Twitter Apps for iPhone

I now have 4 Twitter apps on my iPhone: Twitterrific, Twinkle, TwitterFon and my newest one, Tweetie. Aesthetically, Twitterrific is by far the best-looking app. I would love to use it full time, but I find it lacking features I find useful and/or interesting. For example, all three of my other Twitter apps have the ability to retweet with just a single click. Another feature I really like, only found in Twinkle and Tweetie so far, is displaying Twitpic images full-screen as opposed to just viewing the Twitpic web page the image was posted to. Both apps allow you to also save the image to the camera roll. A feature I like, though it's not really one you would think of as useful, is displaying the source of each tweet, i.e. whether it was posted from or one of the many Twitter clients. I just think it's interesting to see where people tweet from. A feature I do find particularly useful when checking in throughout the day is displaying new, previously unread tweets in a different color from the old tweets. So far, only TwitterFon does this. The other three display only @ replies in a different color. I find this feature more desirable than in-line viewing of Twitpics. Another useful feature I discovered when trying Tweetie, and which was just added to TwitterFon, is the linking of an @ reply to the specific tweet that was replied to. TwitterFon takes this concept one step further with the additional ability to view a conversation of @ replies between two users (other than yourself).

So for me, the list of features in TwitterFon makes it my Twitter app of choice right now. I have heard through various tweets that Twitterrific 2.0 will be released soon and will add some new features. I love the UI of Twitterrific and would rather be using it full time because of how cool it looks, but in the end it's the missing features that matter most and keep me going to TwitterFon instead, at least until Twitterrific 2.0 is released.

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