Wednesday, December 30, 2009

When In Rome

Costco is a very busy place under normal circumstances, even more so before holidays that involve consuming mass quantities (which is just about every holiday in this country). So I don't understand why people will stop and park both themselves and their shopping carts smack in the middle of a major traffic zone.

My fellow citizens, I implore you: when in public, please be aware of the whereabouts and movements of the people around you, and adapt according to the laws of common courtesy.



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Annie said...

I tried to tweet you. I STILL don't know how to use Twitter effectively. I wanna know about the house!!! Is it the one you have been living in or a new one???? PICS PICS?

Jim said...

On Twitter start your post with @hornsolo and I will see it in my mentions (using @username is referred to as a mention). We just bought the house we've been renting from Missy's sister and brother-in-law. We bought it for the appraised value and will end up paying slightly less each month than we were when we were renting. :)