Friday, December 03, 2010

HDR Comparisons

I just bought TrueHDR on sale for $0.99 to see if it was better, worse, or at least as good as Pro HDR and the iPhone 4 camera's native HDR setting. Here are the results, without commentary, so you can decide for yourself. The scene I shot was probably not the easiest for any HDR software to work with, having pretty extreme contrast between the light and dark areas, but I think this helped to bring out the differences between the apps and also between their own auto and manual modes.

1. TrueHDR - Auto

2. TrueHDR - Semi-Auto

3. TrueHDR - Manual

4. Pro HDR - Auto

5. Pro HDR - Manual

6. iOS 4.2.1 Camera app on an iPhone 4

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